Words Matter…Always!

Two words on this Valentine’s Day…they are vital.


My memory will not be clear, make that lucid to what has happened over the years. Am having some trouble with names. Yesterday my day-brightening son, Andrew, interviewed me. He wanted me to reflect upon the matters of 79 years.

Quite an adventure…for me…to focus upon what I didn’t remember, being born, but when baptized was held by my father…breaking the German Congregational tradition of one of the godparents holding the infant. Of course I didn’t remember that, but was told.

We coursed on…but at times when thinking of a journey that had some value if not flare, I stumbled. Was he Doug or Pete or Mike?

Hey, stuff happens.

But then, I came upon two affirmations from friends…BTW my blogs are “corporate narratives,” and I am most grateful for the input…from Des Moines, Washington, to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Portland, Oregon, to Waco, Texas, to Breckenridge, Colorado. Such help!

I prattle…let me put up the first:

Strong. Okay, first word in this saying is “brokenness.” Cannot say it’s greater than ten years ago or twenty or… But don’t think, at least publicly, that either Bush or Obama called the enemy scum,

Truth: the brokenness is more than evident.

The second word, though, excuse the verb, trumps the first. It is INTENTION. What do I intend? What do you intend?

Examine yourself, as I do myself. I certainly don’t intend to fabricate or fracture the world or my community. No, always no. I INTEND to bring goodness and…well, let me put it this way…however I can I prioritize to this: bring understanding and not judgment.

Then, the second word, CARING.

NOTHING is more important. So many of you have voiced or written or prayed your caring for me. Truth prevails: I am the better because you care.


I believe with my whole heart, physically and spiritually, no matter how it is and how it becomes, CARING is more important…no, make that most important.

Goes like this:

That is what I share…INTENTION….CARING…You up to it? I’m trying my best…join me!