What’s Life All About?

I don’t know Alfie but I can ask what life’s all about. It doesn’t course through me…and unlikely you…every day. Yet, I ask what your value is? Not your wealth. Your value?

In high school, yep, class of 1958, there were those who lived in really nice houses, with swimming pools. The one whom I knew NEVER made his swimming pool a place of prominence. Nope. He invited us to swim, to have a good time. He shared.

I imagine, though, that is exceptional. How many of us…truth pushing with authority, are known for our employment, our car, the clothes we wear?

I maintain those can be considered. But. There it is, the conjunctive “but.” What this says brings the greater truth. To be real…have integrity not be compromised. To be humble…realize you are gifted but not exalted and you need others in your life. To be kind…don’t shout to someone different that they need to “go back.”

I ask you to think of your own life, the pattern of your living and how you are with what follows. What a beautiful day, and this is what “it” is all about…to know this in your word and step and reach…every day: