Tears of Love–Precious

Too often, “How are you?” is never more than a form of “Hello.” I understand that. Not asking for a change.

But. On this day, a day before Thanksgiving, a short time before Advent, then Christmas and then Epiphany, I ask with focus, “How are you?”

Of course I hope you are well. Of course I hope family gathered is real for you, not family scattered. In whatever way Thanksgiving can be genuine—take a moment, each one around the table of food to share the personal plate of “What are you most thankful for?” THAT I truly believe, is what God wants to hear. And those gathered with you.

In the mix of all this, a morning when chores have happened, I received the following link. The power of love, the integrity in caring and then giving a gift to others. This is brilliant and poignant and such a message how circumstance can lead to friendship then relationships.