Mistakes Can Be The Best Learning Moments

You’ve seen this picture [below] before. That’s Okay. I want to share how another look at this picture has given me a whole new perspective on the novel now unfolding. I had selected the title, “Rivers Have Tributaries,” but now that I’m pretty much half-way, I can see another title being more connected. That will be “Sparkling Waters.”

As I said I have shared this picture before. It’s the Sol Duc River near Forks, Washington, the beautiful forests and forestry area in Northwest Washington. My dear friend, Art Johnson in San Marcus, Texas, when seeing the picture, on his own, looked up what the Native American name, Sol Duc, means. He said it means ‘sparkling waters.’ Today as I reflect over the first half of the novel, THAT title is more apt.

For the novel has lots of sparkling waters. Caleb learns to walk. We learn how wonderful Shriner’s Hospital in Portland is to work with him. Of all things his first meal he loved, oatmeal, and he doesn’t spill, laying his spoon down and actually clapping his feet together.

Then, although I don’t want to reveal everything, but Tricia’s dear detective friend, Margie Post, gets shot in the head. Turns out the shot saved her life. Crazy. And her spouse, Tamisha, is flummoxed beyond frustration because someone shows up, then disappears. And has the same DNA at Tamisha, an identical twin sister. Will she ever be found again?

Okay, enough of that.

I have also learned something else today and I do major not minor in the educational truth that mistakes can be the best learning lessons. I’m finding the sales of the currently published novel, “Living Without Arms,” is slower than slow. Those who’ve read it have been very affirming. However, a friend suggested that I published “Living Without Arms” too close to “Truth Uncovered.”

Hey, what do I know…other than I’m learning. So, “Sparkling Waters” will get written, but publishing will be much later.

In the meantime, if you might be interested in ‘Living Without Arms,” it’s now on Kindle at $7.99. And I can send you a signed paperback copy for $20, including postage. Yes, this is a promo. As someone said about Caleb not having arms, “So what? He’s a normal person in his own heart; that’s what matters. Yes!” I’m applying my own version of SO WHAT to my promo.

Here’s the Sol Duc River that sparkles, and hopefully the novel will follow the same streaming course: