Look Through The Snarls

Today. A morning, giving effort for it not to be a mourning.

I looked at this picture…gifted by a friend. I looked and looked again. Then it hit me. Okay, maybe a Rorschach for each of us, but let me share the picture’s ministry to me.

I could be pretty good this morning, maybe even bad take. Is to look at the foreground. See it? The trees. The unleafed trees. Doesn’t seem to be any symmetry, and in a few heartbeats, the snarls. The lack of order. Yes, maybe the chaos…in that moment.

I don’t know any one of us who by-passes snarls and snares. When we look at the foreground.

But, it hits me this morning, which hitting on me takes away a mourning, when I look THROUGH the trees, to what’s beyond.

The new day announced by the light. And THAT. My prayer for every one of us, carries the day. More. Sustains the day.

When the condition doesn’t eviscerate the hope.


Yes, some physical stuff. Yes, some lamenting about how much of our national scene is snarls and not light.

Yet. A huge YET. May your day…and mine, see through the dismaying and embrace the light.

Share the picture again…with hope it IS a ministry for you and the light you embrace…and then as the day is experienced, be seen through you by others.

Sharing again…for each of us.