Mark is a retired United Church of Christ ordained minister.  He and his wife, Diane, have moved from Austin, Texas to Snoqualmie Ridge, Washington.   Their new home is 25 miles east of Seattle, but much closer to the Yakima River, which makes fishing more than optional!  Many of Mark’s books to include pastoral letters, a blog book, “Voice of My Heart,” and three murder/mystery novels, “Murder On Tillamook Bay,” “Mask of Sanity” and “Shatter the Darkness” are available on Amazon and Kindle.  Signed copies through Mark’s e-mail, markhmiller@att.net.   The novels feature protagonist, Tricia Gleason, who has shifted from Homicide Detective with the Oregon State Police to fishing guide on Tillamook Bay to seminary student at Ocean Divinity School in Berkeley, California to summer intern minister in Frisco, Colorado.  Each novel includes life, ministry, fishing and murder, but seldom in that order.  His newest novel, U R NXT, will be published the Spring of 2013.

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  1. Mark Henry Miller !! Please make contact with me at prairiem@3rivers.net. I’m typing out my Agnes Carter notebook. Can you still recite the auxiliary verbs? I can and so can the Class of ’53 which meets for lunch in Portland once a month. I blog at http://www.prairiemary.blogspot.com. My ministry career was UU and only about a decade long. Phone: 406-279-3429 Valier, Montana.

    Mary Strachan Scriver

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