What Think Ye Of Police?

Donald Trump is first, but whom do you think is second? With regard to divisive opinions, takes, slanders, praise, gratitude, spit, damning scorn, exalting affirmation?

This is not a poll…but both personally [what others have told me] and perusing the internet, NUMBER TWO is police.

Go ahead. You can find someone who was abused. Someone who was shot. Someone who was saved. Someone who was given a second chance. The list never ends. About police and their impact .

I have a take on it. And a theory. And a belief that pushes toward conviction. It is this: Unless you’ve worn police moccasins you have no idea of what it means to impact a police officer.

Well, at the risk of forsaking even a shred of humility, I’ve worn their moccasins. As a volunteer police chaplain.

Sure. Back in the ‘80’s, but I wager NOTHING has changed in the Teens. For six years [1982-88] I rode once/month with a Colorado Springs police officer. And, even more. There were 30 chaplains on the CS Police Force, so each day was covered, generally from 9 p.m. until early morning hours. We also got a pager for two weeks at a time, so it was 24/7. We also were trained to have our own police cruiser, of course without sirens, but we had the connection to the dispatcher. “Charlie 14” was our page.

We were called to the most onerous situations…homicide, suicide, accidents, even to a hotel when a man sat in a stairway with a revolver to his temple. The worst, though [not as if death isn’t horrific] were the domestics. Hell unleashed. We were trained how to help the officers, but separation of the foes didn’t always even get close to resolution, and forget reconciliation. It was instinct and not training to dodge a flying glass!

Back to the moccasins. Want to know what it’s like to be a police? Sit with them. I did. For six years almost 100 times. I KNOW. What the pressures are. I KNOW what my gut does when on a high-speed chase. I KNOW what it’s like to find a prostitute named Brown Sugar. I know what it’s like to enter a tavern at 3 in the morning with three dead bodies on the floor. I know, ride after ride, to listen to the police person, man or woman matters not, as they share their difficulties, how it hits them when they try their best and are spit on. And how the home fires are reduced to embers.

So. Today, in reading article after article that has no unanimity in either praising or scorning police, I offer a hope. That if you’ve read this far you might put yourself, even if emotionally, in what a police officer has to face every day.

Those who’ve read my blog over the years know who Chase Stapp is. He’s a dear personal friend, member of a Christian Church I served as interim pastor for a year and is Police Chief of the San Marcos Police Department. I sent him the link below and simply asked, “Chase? Can you Sing?}”

He responded, “Yes, Mark, I can sing…but not well.”

I laughed…and yet I give thanks to Chase and to all the Chase’s across our country, who know what it REALLY means to serve and to protect.


Another Affirmation:


About Mark H Miller

Diane and I live in Leander, Texas. This past June 17, 2015 I celebrated the 49th anniversary of my ordination. We returned to Texas after three years in Washington, during which I served as interim minister in Bellevue/Eastgate and Mercer Island. Am planning to begin a 5th novel that will have my protagonist, Tricia Gleason, serve a year in licensed ministry in Snoqualmie, Washington. The novel, "The Lemon Drop Didn't Melt," will find Tricia wrestling with ministry challenges. None of which more daunting than someone wanting her breathing to stop. All the published novels are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle under Mark Henry Miller. A primary goal in our return to Texas is to make sure grandchildren get lots of attention--here and in Chicago and Washington, D.C. Traveling is definitely an activity that will not slow down. With that, of course, fishing will happen. To that the t-shirt is apt, "I fish; therefore I am." In addition to novels, the book of Blogs, "Voice Of My Heart," is also available on Amazon.
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