Zorba–Dancing, No Matter What

Zorba. Anthony Quinn gave me a new focus upon life. In the film, “Zorba,” he had this gift to dance. Not as arrogance or denial of reality. Rather, he would dance in a coffin to say that death, although a spiritual destiny because of God’s love, was only a physical destination and nothing more.

Had breakfast this morning with a most trusted and valued friend to discuss Zorba. Well, more than that, but the Zorba conversation brought a new way to see life. Yep moving toward the end of my 8th decade, things to learn and livin’ to do.

Turns out Zorba did not have a painless life, and living a perfect day could be wished but never experienced. Still, no matter his time, place or circumstance, when push came to shove and depression lurked, Zorba would dance. Never with defiance, but always to bring value to others. No matter his own pain.

And as my friend pointed out to me this morning, for many who care more than hurt but are always aware of the hurt, it’s the hurt, the rejection, the pain that motivates doing what can be done to lessen the anguish of others. With some people [and I’m not looking in a self-serving mirror] they are their best when the personal pain is the cruelest and shadows become darkness. At least. Almost their best.

That’s helpful to me…very. And to some of my friends. Have a clergy friend who has been minister to many and can bring some particular gifts to clergy and churches. He shared his interest with the head minister in the area and was told, in so many words, all of which will remain blog-worthy, “You have served here before…note the verse about no prophet has honor in his own country. I don’t care how much more you know than me [edit, fella, should be I], you are not wanted here.”

Well, okay, said my friend. Be your own ruler…your own controller. By the way, ever hear of co-dependency—because it can happen with a church leader and the area churches and clergy. Sigh, was the only gesture from my friend.

So. Think about it…maybe through these thoughts…never deny the pain…but when someone shares with you their anguish, their anger, their wrath, their uncertainty of how they’re being treated…or even not treated at all, don’t turn others off. But, listen. Because the pain you have to endure—and it’s no exception for me at times in the journey, does not have to imprison or coffin you or me. Rather, when the pain is spoken of by others, you understand. Because you have been there. And, maybe. You are there right now, so your willingness to understand always rules out your need to judge. If you can may the assault of pain never be greater than your energy to care. Because when your feet hurt there are always those without feet.

So. Never forget to dance…at least in your heart and soul. Zorba did it. My personal fishing guide, Zorba, does it…especially on days when the nets are empty…and when I can, I try to dance…emotional coffin or not. How about you?


About Mark H Miller

Diane and I live in Leander, Texas. This past June 17, 2015 I celebrated the 49th anniversary of my ordination. We returned to Texas after three years in Washington, during which I served as interim minister in Bellevue/Eastgate and Mercer Island. Am planning to begin a 5th novel that will have my protagonist, Tricia Gleason, serve a year in licensed ministry in Snoqualmie, Washington. The novel, "The Lemon Drop Didn't Melt," will find Tricia wrestling with ministry challenges. None of which more daunting than someone wanting her breathing to stop. All the published novels are available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle under Mark Henry Miller. A primary goal in our return to Texas is to make sure grandchildren get lots of attention--here and in Chicago and Washington, D.C. Traveling is definitely an activity that will not slow down. With that, of course, fishing will happen. To that the t-shirt is apt, "I fish; therefore I am." In addition to novels, the book of Blogs, "Voice Of My Heart," is also available on Amazon.
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